A State of Grace Above the M60

Read this

… then read this.

I’m not shocked by the kindness because amongst the tabloid stories of Grannies being mugged, children raped and mothers murdered, I know that the majority of people who walk this planet, are good, kind, loving people.  I also know that life is hard and we suffer tragedy and loss and pain on a daily basis but this pain is eased by love.  The love of our wives/partners our kids our families our friends and without that love, it could have been me or you on that bridge.


One Response to “A State of Grace Above the M60”

  1. paul murdoch Says:

    Fantastic writing…natural,sincere, resonant…I’m probably too much of a cynic re. the web/ misery memoirs/ lesbian bloggers from Mars etc, but I really hope it’s all genuine…even though it’d make me look a suspicious misanthropic twat for having any doubts…I’ve probably gotta get out more. I’m getting an urge to go and twitch some net curtains.

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