It Began in Africa

Was thinking of pathetic dictator ends. Mussolini shot by partisans, Hitler committed suicide in a bunker, Saddam found hiding in a hole, Gaddafi shot in a Sirte sewer. At this rate, Assad will be crushed by a falling grand piano, and Mugabe pushed out of a window by a man in a chicken outfit.

Like the man, I would have preferred a war crimes trial. This, though, is hardly a bad result. There are some monsters the world can live without. The credit that Britain is part of this result is one of the few good things to come out of the new period of Tory rule.

There has been much pious hand-flinging about the reportage of the death. I don’t see the problem. Surely we are all adults and can handle one dead body? If Steve Jobs had been working in the 1930s Mussolini’s swaying corpse would have been around the world at half the speed of light. And given our historic involvement with Gaddafi, a little tabloid triumphalism is permissible?

Anyway, I’m not going to scare your children with Gaddafi corpse footage, but share a positive story of Manchester Libyans celebrating his fall.

Manchester’s Libyan community gathered in Rusholme to celebrate freedom following the death of Colonel Gaddafi.

Hundreds gathered by the roadside, chanting and waving flags shortly after confirmation of the tyrant’s death hit their television screens.

Fireworks lit up the night sky and women used biscuit tins as makeshift drums. Passers-by beeped car horns and some drove past with flags sticking out of windows.

Others climbed on to a wall and hoisted flags in to the air. Dads carried young children on their shoulders.

Saad al-Moghrabi, 47, who was celebrating with his three-year-old daughter, said: ‘We’re really happy that this dangerous man is finished after all these years.

‘He killed people, he killed children and he made Libya poor. Everyone in the world was suffering because of Gaddafi.’

Jamal el Jabri, 43, a former Army captain who escaped from Libya in 1995, said: ‘This is an amazing day.

‘We’ve been waiting for this for years now. It’s not just Libya that has suffered but other countries have suffered as well. I am so happy for my family I want to thank all the countries that have supported us.’

Of course this was in the Manchester Evening News, and it wouldn’t be the MEN without scum commenters.

I am glad they are happy and this tyrant is gone. I wonder if any Libyans here would now go back to their homeland now that it is free or stay in England?
Now that Gaddifi has gone will we see a mass exodus of Libyans from Britain? I don’t think so the benefits are too good here.
Thousands upon thousands of Libyans celebrate his death and ‘freedom’ in the streets of Manchester and London. Now that the war is over when can we expect them all to return home? Yeah right!
Does this mean the Libyans of Manchester will go back home now? It would save us the British taxpayers a fortune in housing/council tax benefits, & jobseekers & incapacity benefit, child tax credits & so on & so forth.
For me, those comments are far uglier, nastier and more exploitative than anything that appeared on front pages yesterday.


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