The Big Society Challenge!

An amazing idea from Martin Bright:

I have a suggestion for the millionaire axe men of the Coalition government. 

After the Comprehensive Spending Review, David Cameron should order each government minister to publish details of his or her charitable giving and the number of days a year they spend on voluntary work.

This, after all, is what they are demanding of the rest of us. The richer members of  society will now be expected to underwrite the arts and the charitable sector, while the rest of us volunteer to take on the functions of the public sector. 

Better still, why not insist that every minister with personal wealth of over, say, half a million, establish a charitable foundation within their own policy remit to take over a chuck of state provision and save the taxpayer some money. It would be the perfect way to pay back some of the cash they have saved on their – no doubt perfectly legal – tax dodges. 

In my experience voluntary and community work is done almost entirely by the working class.

I’m sure the National Government will prove me wrong.

(Image from Political Cream, via Paul Waugh)


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