‘Heard It Never Rains In Los Angeles…’

The Homes and Communities Agency is a public body that is supposed to promote and develop affordable housing. Urban Splash is a property developer that has received around sixty million in grants for housing schemes in Greater Manchester and Yorkshire. Sir Bob Kerslake heads the HCA and is soon to join the Department for Communities and Local Government. The Salford Star carries a piece, with photos, on Kerslake’s party with Urban Splash head Tom Bloxham at his villa in the South of France.

Money quote:

The Salford Star wishes to make clear that it is not inferring any link between Sir Bob Kerslake partying at Tom Bloxham’s opulent bubble house in the South of France and Bloxham’s company Urban Splash receiving, we estimate, over £60million in public subsidies for many of its failing housing schemes.

The Salford Star is just questioning whether it was appropriate for the head of the government’s social housing programme to accept hospitality from a potential recipient of HCA funding weeks before he took up his designate post as head of the HCA.

(via Owen Hatherley)

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