Token Blog Post

Not much activity here as I’m fairly busy and likely to remain so. Some new criticism: first on What Did the Baby Boomers Ever Do For Us?, one of the recent surge of books on how our grandparents fucked us over (at 3:AM), also a review of I Killed Scheherezade, a book of superb essays from the Lebanese feminist Joumana Haddad (at Butterflies and Wheels). That’s it for now: I’m off to visit all 300 UK branches of Waterstone’s, there to deface every single stocked copy of A Journey by crossing out ‘Tony Blairs’ on the front cover and underneath writing ‘Tony Bliars‘ in permanent marker. Hopefully this daring example of non-violent direct action will see me hailed as a Swiftean master of satirical inversion: or at least generate a flattering profile in the Guardian. Wish me luck. Excelsior!

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