Succour: The Dream is Over!

A lot of people have been asking me about Succour magazine. Here’s what’s going on as I understand it.

The magazine grew out of Exeter University’s creative writing programme in 2005. It was produced down south with regional editors in several other cities. I came on board in 2006 as Manchester’s regional editor. I managed to get it in a couple of Oxford Road outlets and put on a few nights. Over the next four years I headhunted Manchester fiction writers and poets for the magazine. During that time my managing editor secured a national distribution deal which meant that I didn’t have to do the admin/finance side and could concentrate on finding new talent.

The magazine was originally funded by Exeter uni. That money ran out in 2008 and since then we’ve had no public funding. Borders went smash in January this year and that pretty much killed our distribution. Around that time I was told that Succour would go from a print magazine to an online magazine and that the May issue would appear online. We’re now almost into June and the website hasn’t been updated. The contact page appears to have been removed and the ME isn’t returning my emails.

I can only conclude that Succour is dead.

Apologies to anyone who has made submissions and is wondering what the hell’s going on. I’m not sure myself. It seems that we had a pretty good run but the recession has finally caught up with us. Succour may return in some form in the future and I will let you if and when this happens.

One of the reasons I started this blog was to create a point where writers and poets could browse magazines for submissions. I add stuff to the ‘Magazines’ section in the sidebar as often as I can and would be grateful for any suggestions.

Like Icarus, we soared close to the sun, on frail wings of vanity and wax. ‘Even as his mouth was crying his father’s name, it vanished into the dark blue sea, the Icarian Sea, called after him.’


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