Walking On Eggshells

My review of Ian Buruma’s Taming the Gods: Religion and Democracy on Three Continents is now available at 3:AM.


6 Responses to “Walking On Eggshells”

  1. saeed Says:

    On Aayan Hirsi Ali, Buruma wrote: ‘one can’t help sensing that in her battle for secularism, there are hints of zealousness, echoes perhaps of her earlier enthusiasm for the Muslim Brotherhood’. The intellectual laziness, the careful obfuscation in that sentence is quite something.

    to be fair max, this is something that has also been pointed out not only by ian bruma but by ed husain majid nawas…young men who know about islamist theocracy, the mentality behind it and what it feeds off; young men who are committed now to democracy, secularism and are as anti-islamist in their views as you max or myself.

  2. saeed Says:

    …I think democratiya had a whole article on ians book, ayaan hersi ali and her supporters …needless to say that even democratiya did make the argument that ayaan is overzealous…


  3. maxdunbar Says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised that Husain said that. Husain and Hirsi Ali have very different views. Husain argues convincingly that Islam is benign. Hirsi Ali abominates Islam, not just Islamism. They have clashed swords in debate a few times. I think Husain’s heart is in the right place but, as you know, I’m with Hirsi Ali on this (as in most things)

  4. saeed Says:

    I think you’d be very interested in the link below; multicultural special with articles by Ian Buruma, Timothy Garton Ash, pascal bruckner, etc…very interesting and informative…


  5. saeed Says:

    for me i agree with ian, ayaan is just to ‘absolute’.

    read the link below in which she makes crystal clear the nature of her views and erases forever any thought that the perception of her as a “clash of civilizations” extremist might be the result of misreporting or looseness of expression….


  6. maxdunbar Says:

    But a true ‘clash of civilisations’ thesis denies the existence of Muslim democrats and secularists, and also the idea of Muslim apostates and atheists. Hirsi Ali fights for the people within Muslim communities who don’t go along with the community leaders and tend to get ignored or harmed as a result.

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