Handing Out The Songsheet

This week Channel 4 screened a Dispatches investigation called ‘Britain’s Islamic Republic,’ that profiled Islamic Forum Europe, a nasty, unrepresentative group of toytown Islamists trying to subvert local democracy. It must be denounced at once, and I have toured the pro-faith left/Islamist websites to come up with handy, cut-and-paste arguments against Dispatches that commenters can use without having to even watch the documentary. The list below was compiled with help from Inayat Bunglawala, George Galloway and Andy Newman.

1: Well at least Muslims are getting involved in politics and ‘integrating’ like you lot say they should! Honestly! There’s no pleasing some people!

2: The programme featured someone from the Centre for Social Cohesion thinktank. Douglas Murray of the CSC once said something stupid about Muslim immigration. Therefore nothing the CSC says can be of any value or interest.

3: The programme also featured someone from the Quilliam Foundation. The Quilliam Foundation cannot be trusted as it receives government funding (unlike the Muslim Council of Britain which has never received government funding).

4: The programme also featured Labour MP Jim Fitzpatrick who was only doing it because he is scared that George Galloway might take his seat. Fitzpatrick must be some sort of racist, he doesn’t even support segregated weddings!

5: The Muslim reporters, and the Muslim thinkers and secular activists who spoke out against the IFE or have been threatened by the IFE cannot be trusted because they are just ‘Uncle Toms’; hand-picked native informants wheeled out by the authorities. Only Islamic fundamentalists count as pure and authentic Muslims.

6: Okay, the IFE people said some nasty and reactionary things, but Channel 4 could have used the devilry of modern editing techniques to make them sound really bad when in fact they are really good. Anyway, there are Christian and Jewish clerics who say nasty and reactionary things too, and you don’t hear Channel 4 talking about that, do you?

7: Anyway, I think we all know who’s really behind this, don’t we? Don’t we? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more! Eh? Mmm?

8: Anyway, you should shut up or George will sue you for libel! You wouldn’t like that, would you? Let’s keep it friendly, and everything’s going to be just fine.

9: Er…

10: That’s it.

Feel free to add your own in the Shiraz comments!


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