Manchester Will Eat Itself

Kate Feld says all there is to say about Manchester’s Factory relaunch.

So Peter Hook’s Factory-themed nightclub, FAC251, opens tonight. Whoop-dee-doo.

Sure, everyone’s entitled to their own nostalgia trips, but this particular one has been rammed down our throats for the last 20 years.

Maybe it’s time for us to move on and show some love for the great new music coming out of Manchester? It’d be interesting if this club actually did that, but I’m not holding out much hope after checking out their website. Too much grandstanding and too much Rowetta. There’s something depressing about watching the Factory folk shamelessly attempting to cash in over and over again, with books, reality show slots, second-rate reunion gigs, crap DJ sets and now this. I ask you: Can officially merchandised Joy Division oven gloves be far away?

The horse is dead; the barrel scraped dry.


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