‘Here is your revolution!’

Now, a blog is not a rolling news service, and Socialist Unity can write about what it likes. And yet, like Gene, I find it curious that a blog dedicated to revolutionary socialism can’t find the space to offer support to what looks increasingly like an actual revolution, unfolding while the whole world watches.

You say you want a revolution, comrades? There it is, in the streets of Tehran and other cities throughout the country. This is, as regime apologist George Galloway might put it (in another context) ‘The real deal.’

I recall in late 2002/early 2003 listening to antiwar activists saying things like: ‘Of course Saddam is a psychotic dictator – but getting rid of him is a job for the Iraqi people, not the Americans.’ And, earlier on: ‘Of course the Taliban are fundamentalist killers and there is a good humanitarian case for their overthrow, but getting rid of them is a job for the Afghan people – not the Americans.’

Now, in 2009, people in Iran are doing their best to get rid of the theocratic oppressors, and with no real concrete help from cowardly Western governments. From a significant part of the antiwar left: just silence.

The regime cracks down. Image via the Guardian, which is also carrying out a project to identify the people – over 1,000 – who have been arrested or murdered by the Islamic Republic since the election of June 12.


2 Responses to “‘Here is your revolution!’”

  1. typical leftist tosswit Says:

    look, they hate america. that’s what really matters here. that means they’re a-ok and can beat the shit out of protestors for all i care.

  2. Postcolonial Retard Says:

    Hey, the mollas are fighting colonialism which these velvet revolutionaries want to install. America has been stealing their oil by paying only $80 for a oil that costs them a whopping $3 to produce.

    Now lets support the mini-hitler and the theocrat against the enlightened democrats trying to sell out their raw materials. I feel soooo progressive. Religion, sigh of the masses.

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