A post about snow

JLB Credit has a shift rota system where you can be working weekends and have days off during the week. I was glad of it yesterday as I was home in the pounding snow. At work everyone’s talking about how scared they are of driving back. This week I’ve seen snowmen, a kid rolling a white boulder, people digging out their cars.

Went for a walk up the Fallowfield Loop (where we’ve been before) to get supplies from the StuporStore at the end. This was about fifteen minutes’ walk – an unsettling fifteen minutes. Covered in snow as it was, sparkling at the eye and crunching under your tread, the cycle path looked foreign and eldritch, like something C S Lewis might have seen in his dreams. (I’d have uploaded a photo, but I no longer have a camera phone.) In the silence it was easy to miss the reference points – prints from shoes as well as the tracks of dogs, cats and birds – that made this a human place. The cycle path on that December midday looked like it might look in a thousand years.

I doubt I’ll post here before the big day – so Merry Christmas, one and all.


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