Ace and the Hole

What with all the fuss about the environment these days it’s good news that we have apparently found a new source of energy. According to scientists, the rotation of deceased writer George Orwell, buried in the village of Sutton Courtenay, is now at a rate that could generate heat for the entire country until 2012.

The dead author’s corpse has been spinning for many years as various lunatics try to claim him to validate their bizarre and risible ideas. However, the revolutions reached critical point when Derek Adams, North Manchester organiser for the BNP, put one of Orwell’s quotes on a banner across his pub.

The council have marked the Ace of Diamonds for complusory purchase order and it’ll be demolished in autumn 2010. MCC says it wants to use the space for a PFI initiative in Miles Platting but naturally Adams has an alternative explanation. He told Confidential that ‘It has been CPOed because I am the North Manchester organiser for the BNP… Manchester City Council are not strong enough to admit they are doing it for political reasons.’

Now, the pub trade is in crisis. Good pubs are going under at the rate of several a week. They are hammered by the smoking ban, undercut by supermarket conglomerates and, now, fucked by the crunch. And for what it’s worth I do feel that this government has a thing about pubs, and would like to turn them all into restaurants and coffee bars.

But Adams is clearly just another whingeing BNPer with a chip on his shoulder the size of a small car. You can see this, not just from his remarks to Confidential‘s staffer, but also from his appearance in the following comment thread, where he makes the standard accusations of leftwing bias against the magazine.

The local Labour councillor, John Flanagan, opposes the demolition but for different reasons. Here he puts Adams in his place:

I think it is absolutely ridiculous to say that it is being CPOed because it is a BNP pub. That would be illegal, and no council officer would touch such a decision with a barge pole. And once he gets his compensation, what’s stopping him from setting up down the road?

But I support the fact that it should stay up. Demolition is a waste of public money. What is the benefit to the people of Manchester? I wouldn’t want to live there. So why should anyone else live there? I wouldn’t want to see any further housing being built though.

We all know PFI is a swindle. But would anyone with any principles whatsoever knowingly drink in a BNP pub? Something tells me the area would be better off without it.

For some reason, Adams is not fighting the council’s decision. He’s getting £138,000 for the CPO. Apparently he wants more. Perhaps if MCC don’t put up enough cash, Griffin can lend some from his substantial MEP’s salary.


One Response to “Ace and the Hole”

  1. Julia Smith Says:

    You don’t even need principles to avoid drinking in there – can you imagine the level of banter?
    That said, I would be tempted to go in, if only to smack Adams over the head with a rolled up copy of ‘The Lion & The Unicorn’ until he sees sense, although that could take some time.

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