Voice of Youth Redux

The Guardian has a light-hearted feature called ‘The people who ruined the decade’; not just bankers and terrorists but also various pop culture figures.

Oh, the quiet joys of schadenfreude:

VERNON KAY     Who needs talent when you have a regional accent?

If ever there was a person who summed up the crushing vacuousness of the noughties it’s Vernon Kay. Each decade gets the TV people it deserves and Kay, perhaps more than any other, is someone with nothing more to offer than a blandly attractive face and a strikingly regional accent. A man so free of any recognisable star-power he makes Fearne Cotton appear over-stimulating, Kay is the perfect example of the cadaverous state of light entertainment, a 248th-rate Liam Gallagher lookalike male model who got lucky and ended up with a rubbish radio show, a rubbish TV show and some rubbish adverts. Is this really all we deserve?


‘I would describe myself as Voice of the Youth. I’d like to think I’m a reflection of what’s going on. I don’t express my opinions, though. I don’t mouth off about anything in particular. I sit back and soak it all up.’


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