Towards a Common Sense Policy on the Environment

This is a guest post by the Coalition for Common Sense on the Environment 

We are a non-partisan, non profit making pressure group that seeks to provide a counterpoint to environmental groups such as Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth that, although undoubtedly well meaning, have brought an alarmist and hysterical tone to the debate on the future of our planet. Our members include several academic scientists as well as experienced business leaders in fossil fuels and writers for publications such as the Spectator and the Daily Telegraph. Our Board of Trustees includes Professor Ian Plimer, the writer and polymath Christopher Booker and the provocative columnist James Delingpole.

We have become increasingly concerned that environmental debate has become dominated by the ‘green lobby’;  and that the voices who shout loudest are often well-heeled aristocrats such as Zac Goldsmith or George Monbiot who, despite their intelligence, have little comprehension on the challenges that ordinary people as well as nations face in a global recession – and that for struggling taxpayers, the environment may not be a high priority. We have additional concerns about the effect of trade and emission caps at a time when our economy is in turmoil.

We are not against ‘saving the planet’ – far from it. We simply feel that the debate has taken an ideological tone that is antithetical to the scientific method, and that concern for the environment can be balanced with other considerations.  The closed scientific and media ‘consensus’ is healthy neither for the environment, nor for democracy. Scientists of all people should make judgements based on the evidence – especially evidence that shatters every dogma held by the environmental lobby, and indeed will change the way that humanity perceives the world.

The CCSE has obtained secret documents from the Institute of Climatology at Lampeter University that prove conclusively that the Earth is not, as the green myth has it, a rotating sphere in orbit around the sun, but in fact a level plain, around which the celestial bodies revolve.

The picture of our true Earth is displayed below:

The picture Al Gore doesn’t want YOU to see.

Many of us in the CCSE have pointed out inconsistencies in the ‘Round Earth’ theory before. For example, if our planet was actually a sphere, the continents would simply fall off as the planet rotated. Additional problems would be presented by the fact that water would inevitably drain off the sphere into the inky abyss of deep space. Despite what the scientific ‘consensus’ would have you believe, it is difficult to understand how a spherical Earth could support human life.

And yet for years dissenting voices have been mocked and marginalised. Not one so-called climate scientist has accepted an invitation to publicly debate the CCSE. Not one scientific journal has agreed to publish our findings. You have to ask – are these people scared of debate?

I remember a family barbecue when my young son commented on the fact that the sun was setting in the east. He said to me: ‘Dad – the sun always seem to come up in the west, and goes down in the east – does that mean the sun goes around the earth?’ My son is four years old, yet he displays an understanding of the universe far beyond that of our most distinguished ‘intellectuals’. Of course the sun goes around the earth – it’s just common sense.

Lots of different cultures understood that the world is flat, including Ancient Egypt and pre-classical Greece. It seems that our ultra-secular society has forgotten the wisdom of the Babylonians. We have forgotten – and we have been duped by a conspiracy going back centuries.

For, how do we truly know that the earth is round? Because of satellite photographs of the planet. People point to these photographs and say: ‘Look, that proves it, the world is definitely round.’ 

In fact, the photographs prove the exact opposite. This is the famous Blue Marble photo taken from Apollo 17:

A color image of Earth, as seen from Apollo 17 

To the untrained eye the image appears to prove that the earth is a sphere. But look closely – the image is two dimensional. It actually shows the world to be a circular disc, seen from directly above.

Make no mistake – you have been fooled, brainwashed by the liberal elite who for hundreds of years have used the ‘Round World’ myth to raise taxes, ban Top Gear and prevent people taking cheap holidays. The evil plan will reach its conclusion on December 18 when President Obama will use the Copenhagen summit to establish a communist world government.

We urge you to write to the Prime Minister in support of our demands:

1) The ‘earth’ should be renamed the Disc, with public literature amended to reflect this.

2) The politically correct schoolroom ‘globe’ must be destroyed, and replaced with a disc model, which is much cheaper to make anyway (simply cut out our photo of the true flat earth and put a cocktail stick through it – tutorials available from the CSCE website)

3) A massive stone dome should be constructed around the planet, to keep out alien immigrants as well as to prevent sailors from falling off the edge of the planet. There should be chutes installed so that human waste and litter can be deposited into deep space.

4) The practice of recycling to be made a criminal offence. 

5) All taxes or trade caps of any kind to be abolished.

With our five-point plan we can bring common sense back to a debate increasingly dominated by doomsayers and ideologues.



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