The reality of white terror

Johann Hari has an essential piece on British fascism. You need to read it all but these are the main points.

There is a terror threat from white British males that is on a level with the Islamist version. The police are incredibly worried about this, they take it seriously, they know there are people in this country talking about race wars on web forums. They have caught people with explosives, often by chance. Hari: ‘The West Yorkshire Police recently launched a huge series of raids against far-right groups and found them in possession of 80 bombs – considerably more even than any jihadi group has been caught with in British history.’ White fascists are as great a threat to British civilians as Al-Qaeda. 

Despite many arrests, the issue of white fascist terror doesn’t get nearly as much attention from the mainstream media as Asian Islamist terror. It’s hard to believe there is no element of bigotry in this.  

There is what Hari calls a ‘perception gap’ between the conventional view of the twenty-first century BNP and its reality. The conventional view expressed by many in newspapers, on streets and at dinner parties is that the BNP is merely a fringe reaction to ‘uncontrolled immigration’ and ‘political correctness’. In reality, it is a criminal gang of supremacist ideologues.

Hari points out that many on the left have paved the way for this with their ‘understanding’ approach to Islamist terror (seeing it as a natural response to Western foreign policy and nineteenth-century imperialism). He could have added that many conservatives have mirrored this stupidity when it comes to the BNP and its supporters (seeing their racism as a natural response to immigration/political correctness/Zionists/Diversity winning Britain’s Got Talent). This sin is compounded by the conspiratorial rhetoric and outrageous lies about immigration and multiculturalism you see in the conservative tabloids and also in the writing of some respected conservative intellectuals.


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