Sukai Belongs In Salford

I haven’t checked the Salford Star website since leaving the town: checking it today, there is loads of first-rate investigative journalism. This is a good thing in a city run by a corrupt oligarchy of local government and property developers, and with a servile regional media that’s rapidly vanishing anyway.

The Star has always been free and receives no public money, for very obvious reasons. If you appreciate what it does, you might want to consider a donation.

Local papers tend to be more sympathetic towards asylum seekers as a local readership will know refugees and will know to ignore the poisonous bullshit in the nationals. The Star has a piece about Sukai, a Gambian refugee who works as a volunteer at the Langworthy Women’s Centre. A former messenger for the Gambian immigration service, Sukai’s troubles began when she phoned in sick for a reception in honour of the President’s wife.

The next day, she was arrested. Incarceration without trial, beatings, torture and rape followed.

Naturally, the Home Office plan to send her back. The Star comments:

Sukai isn’t just caught up in military coups and dissidents in Gambia, she’s also caught up in UK tick boxing. It’s easier to send back a single woman than trying to repatriate a whole family with kids in a school and social services involved. Sukai has no kids here, no ties, so it’s less embarrassing and there’s less publicity if she is quietly put on a plane to her doom…to be tortured, raped and possibly ‘disappeared’.

The paper also adds:

Before the ‘Send ’em back’ brigade start spouting off, they should look at the human pain and politics behind asylum seekers’ stories…If Salford was in Gambia we’d all be in prison facing torture. Criticising the Government? It’s a national pastime here…

Get involved:

There’s a KEEP SUKAI IN SALFORD meeting tomorrow, Wednesday 7th October 6:30pm Salford Women’s Centre, Halton Bank M6 7AB (top of Langworthy Rd near the start of the East Lancs Rd)

For further details phone/txt 07746 731710
Send messages of protest to Immigration Minister Phil Woolas


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