Stupid football museum bullshit

Travels With My Baby gets it right on the Urbis.

Manchester City Council wants to offload this particular financial burden onto the private sector by turning it into a fee-charging football museum. For a city that is so good in so many ways, that has finally started to ‘get’ culture by investing in things such as MIF, and that has recently put itself forward as one of the UK’s first cities of culture, it seems a strange decision. Why should it be one or the other – why pit culture against football? Why not have both?

I ponder on this as we wander back downstairs. And as we leave I wonder whether I will be coming back here quite so much when Milo is a bigger boy; whether the Council’s grand plan will simply reinforce Manchester’s shopping-and-football stereotype, and whether or not the newest, edgiest art and cultural commentary won’t be found in this so-called original and modern city but elsewhere. Further south.

The Urbis wasn’t a venue you’d go to every single weekend but I’ve enjoyed fantastic debates, galleries and spoken word nights there. And now this. There’s no evidence that people who will go to a football game will go to a museum about football. Preston don’t want to lose the museum. So what’s the point? Idiots.


City of Manchester: Primark and football and absolutely nothing else


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