How propaganda works

presstvOver at Harry’s Place Lucy Lips links to an article by an ex-Press TV staffer who reveals what it’s like to work for the Khomeinist propaganda channel.

It’s a funny and revealing piece full of gossip about staff Facebook use, prono downloads and something called a ‘Gaza bonus’.

Here’s how the channel handled the major events of the summer.

Interestingly, after the June 2009 presidential election, a handful of anchors and photographers quit their jobs, but the staff largely stayed put. They did not have any problem churning out reports that labeled protesters as ‘terrorist groups’ or purported that Neda Agha Soltan was shot by an MKO assassin instead of being shot by the Basij. Indeed, the majority of the American-Iranian and British-Iranian staffers championed Press TV’s coverage as a counterbalance to what they considered biased warping of the story by Western media. The Khamenei credo, as well as Iranian knee-jerk conspiracy thinking, was embossed in their minds after two years of being immersed in it professionally.

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