The Paranoid Style

My review of Francis Wheen’s Strange Days Indeed is now available at 3:AM.


7 Responses to “The Paranoid Style”

  1. Julia Smith Says:

    Thought this was really good, but are you sure Hunter S. Thompson was insane, I always though it was more a case of the gonzo slogan: “when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro”

    I just finished reading HST’s letters from the Seventies (Fear & Loathing in America) which tell of him being beaten up and tear gassed by cops at the 1968 Democratic Convention, despite them having seen his press credentials.

    He knew that the peace and love mantra of the Sixties wasn’t going to save anyone from what Nixon had up his sleeve and he called it long before anyone else.

    That probably is enough to make you paranoid and insane, but I’d argue he was neither, just that it took everyone else a decade (or more) to catch up with him.

  2. paul n Says:

    “In his last book, How Mumbo-Jumbo Conquered the World…”

    His last book was Das Kapital: an autobiography….well, well worth a read. I dunno why it didn’t make more of a splash tbh. It’s far more enlightening than reading Kapital itself which requires six months on a desert island and the patience of an Trappist monk with aspergers.

  3. paul n Says:

    Das Kapital: an autobiography erm…I mean biography…although if there was ever a book that had the wherewithal to attain self consciousness, Kapital is the one

  4. maxdunbar Says:


    Yes, I agree.

    When are the letters volume 3 coming out?


    Another great thing about Wheen’s Das Kapital is that he recommends an abridged version of the original Kapital that can be read in under a month.

  5. Julia Smith Says:

    Max, I dunno, but if the delay is being caused by a lack of spare hands to sort through a million unindexed boxes of paper at Woody Creek then I might just have to contact Bloomsbury to offer my assistance.

  6. maxdunbar Says:

    Yeah, I’m sure Anita could do with some help…

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