Saying the Sayable

Discussing Daniel Hannan’s latest ludicrous outburst – a tribute to Enoch Powell – Oliver Kamm makes a good point.

And don’t give me the idiocy that ‘we can’t talk about immigration’. Immigration is a minor political issue elevated to continual public debate. It’s the only political issue discussed in some particularly virulent corners of debate.

The idea that there is some kind of taboo, or prohibition, on discussing immigration is absurd fiction, yet it’s one that passes unchallenged in newspapers, on blogs, in political speeches, and in everyday conversation. It is, in a way, a successful contemporary conspiracy theory – an inflexible belief of the punditocracy whose near-pathological hatred for immigrants has framed this debate for so long.

One Response to “Saying the Sayable”

  1. Phil Says:

    Hannan is saying DON’T give me the IDIOCY that ‘we Can’t talk about immigration’.
    He is therefore saying that only idiots say ‘we Can’t talk about immigration’.
    Did you forget to teach yourself ‘negation’?

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