Archive Feud

My WordPress dashboard throws up some classic stuff sometimes. This is an account from the Manchizzle of a dispute between Manchester Confidential and the bloated corporate monolith known as the Manchester Evening News. It is from 2006, but I consider it too good not to share.

Apparently Confidential’s Gordo was disinvited from an MEN bash after the paper’s Paul Horrocks ‘read some recent comments about the Manchester Evening News with some disappointment… and am withdrawing the invitation sent to you to attend the Manchester Evening News diary party. I am sure this will come as a blow to you given the regard you obviously have of this newspaper’.

The fun continues on the Confidential thread where another MEN hack claims that: ‘Along with some other key players in the City we feel a great original concept with its own community is now potentially being ruined by your ‘boring rants’.’ 

What comments were these? Kate thinks she can identify them. They appear in a piece about a new regional venture, the Enquirer:

This publication has been a long time coming. It’s a quality read for the sophisticates of the North West and with the explosion of urbanites and professionals in Manchester, it was about time there was a newspaper to match the North West’s IQ.

It’s got the approach of a national with worthy global news, but bulging with local stories, events, arts, business and sport. Editorially led, you can actually flick through without Shane Ward or equally tiresome C-list celebrities’ mugshots dominating 90 percent of the pages. Radical, we know.

Where newspapers like the MEN, or the ‘evil empire’ as Gordo affectionately refers to it, dumb down their copy and insult the intelligence of their readers, The North West Enquirer injects the brain cells with rocket fuel and reassures the reader that journalism covers more then cats up trees and pie eating competitions. We may be northerners but we’re not stupid.

So as we see it, there are decisions to be made. Will you stand firm with us and join the North West’s finest in support of the biggest thing to hit Manchester since the IRA bombing, or sink into early retirement, play puzzles and nod off in front of the…MEN. It’s not difficult is it?

And no more difficult, three years on.


The Grey Lubyanka


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