The Voice Of Youth

This isn’t the most important thing in the world but it’s irritating. It’s not that giving honorary degrees to light entertainers devalues the university in question – although it does. It’s an insult to all the serious people who have to work hard to get their degrees and work extra hours in bars and call centres to pay the extortionate fees and rents. I can understand giving an honorary degree to someone who’s made a difference, but no one could seriously argue that Kay has. It’s just yet another benefit of celebrity, like Jordan’s book deals. Make enough money, present Family Fortunes and you may as well have a PhD. Why not?

That’s another nail in Manchester’s cultural identity but at least the Bolton uni marketing team will get a pat on the head for securing some national coverage. Fuck ’em. But in recognition of his achievement I shall at least give Kay the last word.

I would describe myself as Voice of the Youth. I’d like to think I’m a reflection of what’s going on. I don’t express my opinions, though. I don’t mouth off about anything in particular. I sit back and soak it all up.



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