Death of a Big Lie

Do immigrants jump the queue on social housing?


An independent survey of social housing allocation explodes the myth that new immigrants jump the queue for social housing. The research, commissioned by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, found that less than 2 per cent of social housing tenants had arrived in the UK within the past five years, while the proportion of those born abroad living in social housing was almost identical to the proportion of social tenants born in the UK.

Overall, the figures show a remarkable degree of fairness, suggesting that local authorities deserve bouquets rather than brickbats. They also supply something that has been sorely lacking from public discussion about social housing: real, quantifiable evidence to counter the falsehoods, which have been allowed to circulate, unchallenged, for much too long.

How far the findings will be believed, of course, particularly in the places where the myth is most entrenched, is another matter.

And doesn’t that just say it all.

(Via the NCDAC)


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