Scientologophobia Watch: Burqa Trouble

This is a third guest post by the Church of Scientology UK Media Relations Team

You may have heard on the MSM that France’s Suppressive President, Nicholas Sarkozy, wants to ban the burqa.

Comrades on the UK Left have been vocal and energetic in their condemnation of this attack on religious freedom.

But the burqa ban is not the worst of Sarkozy’s crimes. As we recently reported, his country doesn’t even recognise Scientology as a proper religion and wants to have the Church banned. This is a Scientologophobic campaign of persecution with the aim, no doubt, of forcing Scientologists to toil for thousands of years in Lord Xenu’s intergalactic salt mines.

Scientologists and Muslims have a lot in common. Both our faiths have been inspired by great leaders, Muhammed and the prophet L Ron Hubbard (peace be upon him). Both have equally valid truth claims and millions of followers who live their lives according to the dictates of the faith without any coercion whatsoever. In fact you might say that Scientology is basically Islam – with aliens!

So why will those who defend the rights of Muslims to wear religious dress, not defend the rights of Scientologists to practice their religion?   

Why the double standard?

But don’t worry – you can still help us fight the evil forces of the Sarkozy-Xenu axis.

We call upon our comrades on the UK left to show solidarity with their Scientologist brothers and sisters by holding noisy demonstrations outside the French embassy, forming front groups with various discredited academics and career activists, writing angry letters to the Guardian, sending viral petitions around social networking sites and, of course, by pledging their entire life savings to the Church of Scientology.

Together we can win this battle. 



Sarkozy: Lord Xenu’s faithful servant


One Response to “Scientologophobia Watch: Burqa Trouble”

  1. Dave Says:

    ‘In fact you might say that Scientology is basically Islam – with aliens!’ – funniest thing I’ve read all year.

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