Slash and Burn!

It’s become the conventional wisdom of These Troubled Economic Times™ that whoever wins the next election will have to make serious cuts in public spending. This is bad news for Labour which can no longer present itself as the party of investment versus Tory cuts. Rather, the debate will focus on what will be cut and where – points on which the politicians remain nebulous.

I always think it would be fun to be the guy tasked with coming up with a list of things that can be cut from public spending. Here’s a few things that the treasury would stop paying for if I had my way:

  • ID cards, of course.
  • Corporate welfare.
  • Homeopathy on the NHS – in fact any treatment that has no clinical evidence to support it.
  • Irritating government-produced information campaigns on commercial radio, particularly the anti-smoking and DVLA ones.
  • Useless jobseeking courses that serve only to waste the claimant’s time.
  • Any faith-based group that receives government funding would have to prove a clear benefit to its service users and comply with human rights legislation or have its money cut off.
  • Fire anyone in local government who earns more than the Prime Minister.
  • Fire anyone who has more than three words in their job title.
  • I’d also cancel Olympics 2012.

These are just a few ideas off the top of my head. Further suggestions more than welcome.


3 Responses to “Slash and Burn!”

  1. Rachel Fox Says:

    Sounds like a manifesto for a new party….

  2. Deecie Says:

    If it was Australia:

    * cut ALL public funding to private and Catholic schools, which currently receive more money per student than government schools when you add up federal and state spending
    * stop the massive advertising and propaganda campaigns against recreational drug use
    * stop bailing out corporations which then proceed to fire half their workforce

  3. maxdunbar Says:


    No I’m not going down the David Lindsay route!

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