Not Part of Media City… Yet

urbisThis is a guest post by Mark Ashmore, a Salford filmmaker who has won critical acclaim for his film Broken Britain. Here he tells us about an upcoming Manchester event.

What is future artists?

‘Without deviation from the norm progress is not possible’

– Frank Zappa

Storytellers are nothing without an audience, media city will be lonely buildings without us?
Future Artists are not part of media city…yet?
film-makers, actors, writers, crew, artists, new media and film lovers are coming together on one day
July 11th to answer one question: Do we need media city, or does media city need us?

Highlights of the event include (more info at

in conversation with Rachel Jones: Producer @ , Rachel produced the 1st indie feature film
shot on REDONE Cameras, right here in Manchester. ( )

Fan Film Extravaganza with Sky Wilson from inside report showing and talking about Fan films
star wars revelations and, LOTR Hunt for Gollum ( )

Joe O’Byrne – Salford Writer and Actor in conversation, how he made his debut feature film for 3k and got it distributed
ReelNorth producer Paul Barron said of the film ‘it will be regarded as one of the most important feature films to come out of Manchester in the last 20 years’, come see why? come see how

Plus many more speakers, workshops and Films please visit for more info

After show network event and party 10pm till 1am at the Urbis, unwind, network and party to our special film score mash-up.
If you are an indie film-maker bring your film and sell it at the market. if you love film bring some cash!!! see you there.

If you read this please pass it onto 10 people, blog it, tweet it, put it on your profile, tell two people about it in the pub, text a friend, call some one up about it, but most importantly if you want to be part of it, please come along to manchester, england on July 11th 2009,
tickets at

A very big thank you to our sponsor

Mark Ashmore and Jenny Inchbald – creators of future artists.

more info on us ****FUTURE ARTISTS IN THE NEWS****


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