At The Broken Places

My review of Dave Cullen’s Columbine is now available at 3:AM.


5 Responses to “At The Broken Places”

  1. Dave Cullen Says:

    Max, thanks very much for that wonderful review–and for taking the time to read the book and think it through.

    I appreciate you spreading the word.

    Dave Cullen

  2. Rosie Says:

    Max- there’s a Maxwell Dunbar standing for Euro MP in Scotland – party, BNP.

  3. maxdunbar Says:

    Oh so my evil twin is up to his old tricks?

    My name is actually just ‘Max’, not Maxwell

  4. Dave Cullen Says:

    LOL. I have several twins running around, but less than evil. One is a soccer player, one state rep from WI . . . I lose track of them all.

    You are blessed with a less common name.

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