The state of Israel is to blame for everything

Following on from Comrade Charlie’s post I thought it would be useful to collate a round-up of the reaction to the consequences of inviting a genocidal racist to address an anti-racism conference.

First up is Seth Freedman who says, essentially: what else did you expect?

Inviting the Iranian president to take centre stage in such a high-profile forum was always inevitably going to be a recipe for disaster, in terms of what the UN ostensibly hoped to achieve with the Durban Review Conference – so what did anyone really expect to happen when Ahmadinejad stepped up to the plate?

In Ahmadinejad’s myopic worldview, the only country worth singling out for criticism is Israel; the only ideology worth hauling over the coals is Zionism. His own personal crusade is so inextricably linked to the Israel-Palestine imbroglio as to render any hopes he would have used his platform to talk about anything other than the I/P conflict utterly redundant.

Also at CiF Brian Klug has set a fun quiz. Of the three quotes below, two of them are from ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ and one is from Ahmadinejad’s speech.

A. ‘In our day, all the governments of the entire world are consciously or unconsciously submissive to the commands of this great supergovernment of Zion … All affairs – industry, commerce, and diplomacy – are in the hands of Zion.’

B. ‘In social and political circles, in business and art, wherever one probes, Zionism raises its ugly head … and suddenly reveals itself ubiquitous and all-powerful.’

C. ‘[Zionists have] penetrated into the political and economic structures including their legislation, mass media, companies, financial systems and their security and intelligence agencies … to the extent that nothing can be done against their will.’

Can you guess which piece of poisonous rhetoric comes from Iran’s cretinous ruler? Were you right?

On to the blogs now. Over on Chas Newkey-Burden’s site (steady, Comrade Resistor!) there is a guest post from Alex Dwek, who is at the conference.

So Ahmadinejad was introduced by the president of the conference. The room was tense, emotions were on edge. We had no idea what was awaited us. At this point I looked around the room and saw that Elie Weisel, Holocaust survivor and Nobel Peace Prize winner was sitting a few rows in front. I had always wondered what it must be like for a survivor of the Holocaust to witness 60 years on the President of a country denying that such atrocities ever took place.

Ahmadinejad began to speak. No sooner had he got a few words in when there was shouting and chaos. Two men in clown wigs were shouting and running towards the stage throwing clowns noses as the President of Iran! (The two guys, were members of the French Union of Jewish Students, who had managed to get onto the plenary floor!)

The NGO room went absolutely crazy, cheering and screaming. Ahmadinejad continued, but the NGO room was still going mad with people out of there chairs running around. The sound for the English interpretation was not working. The students were going mad, along with Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz, who was also in the NGO room. There were shouts of: ‘This is a deliberate attempt to prevent us from hearing him’ and ‘This is a breach of our human rights’. There were also calls from others in the room that this was all part of the Zionist’s plan. This developed into a minor confrontation.

A big debating point is whether anti-racist delegations were right to walk. Stay or go? Boycott the whole event on the chimney-sweep wrestling principle or attend and challenge racism? Azarmehr thinks they should have stayed:

By walking out [these delegations] allowed Ahmadinejad to babble on without being challenged and they allowed him to become the champion of the Arabs. For example imagine if a representative of one of those countries that walked out, stood up to Ahmadinejad’s wolf cries for Gaza and reminded everyone that five times more Iranians were killed in the two months during the 1988 massacre of Iranian political prisoners by the Islamic Republic than were killed by the recent conflict in Gaza.

Or one of them who walked out could have asked if Israel is such a racist genocidal regime, why did the Islamic Republic buy arms from Israel during the Irangate affair?



3 Responses to “The state of Israel is to blame for everything”

  1. modernityblog Says:

    very good piece

    do you think that Ahmadinejad’s speech had any impact on bits of the British Left? or did it go over their heads?

  2. My Quick “Anti-Zionist” Quiz « ModernityBlog Says:

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  3. maxdunbar Says:

    Well we had the usual ‘nothing to see here’ stance from Milne and co but I think a lot of the Guardian left are beginning to wake up now.

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