Make it stop: indie music in 2009

I’m tired of interchangeable riffs, whining sardonic vocals, pseudo-sensitive lyrics, social inadequates cursing women who won’t fuck them. Maybe you could understand the miserablist content given the Great Crunch. But if you’re hearing landfill indie on the radio, chances are the pallid eunuchs singing and playing have been signed, don’t need to work, and have some disposable income. Things could be worse, no?

Noisettes lead singer Shingai Shoniwa agrees:

We’ve come to clean up the landscape and get rid of the male-dominated indie landfill… All those moody indie bands with their [male] roadies dressed in black, revelling in the misery of life – you’re supposed to enjoy it, so fucking get on with it! When we go out and party after a gig, it’s not just bouts of destructive energy. We look out for each other. Anyway, indie is boring, dead and over, and thank God for that.




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