The Forgotten Revolution

My review of Dom Phillips’s book on club culture is now available at 3:AM.


8 Responses to “The Forgotten Revolution”

  1. Gary Davison Says:

    Liked your review, but I don’t think I’ll be rushing out to buy that one. I can sum that era up quite quickly for anyone interested: all that mattered was how you were going to get the money to get the best E available and a ticket for the weekend’s event. We once had a car boot sale, coming straight from a rave and even sold the pasting table to pay for the night before’s indulgence. Not much shagging but plenty of chipped teeth of the whistles. Great times.

  2. maxdunbar Says:

    God, I used to hate those fucking whistles!

  3. Gary Davison Says:

    Whistles were a must, but I stopped at wearing a NY cap. That’s equivelant to wearing a burberry today – I think.

  4. maxdunbar Says:

    The dummies and the whole Crasher kid look were the stupidest, I reckon.

  5. gary davison Says:

    I’ve just noticed that you were born in 1981. How old were you when you hit the rave scene, 10?????? Shades of rhythm, K-Klass must surely have been before your time. Forgive me if I’m wrong, my head never fully recovered.

  6. maxdunbar Says:

    I started clubbing in 1998. I went to Cream, Crasher, Sankey’s, the Q Club and loads of other venues and even a couple of free parties. I also worked in clubs.

  7. Gary Davison Says:

    It was all fields, roller rinks, tents, fairground rides, legal and illegal raves, in the early nineties. We did venture to some clubs when nothing was on, like Havana, Back to basics etc.

    Anyway, enough said! Good luck with your writing.

  8. maxdunbar Says:

    I think by the time I came in rave culture had more or less been smashed, but there were still some good free parties and loads of good nights and venues.

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