The Good Pub Guide

night_205x125The weather’s still pretty good and Confidential have a timely feature on Manchester’s best bar smoking areas. The article features some places I know and love – Knott Bar, the Briton’s Protection where Succour does its launch nights – and some I’ve never been to like the Northern and the City Arms.

As is pointed out in the comments, there are some startling omissions – Purespace, on New Wakefield Street, has an upstairs bar with three thick walls and a balcony, where you can smoke throughout; The Deaf Institute, the Oxford Road arm of the Trof empire, has comfortable balconies with heaters you can turn on and off. All these are great bars and deserve your support.

From Confidential’s comment thread:

You should see the ‘**** the Smoking ban’ mural in the Porters Ale House, Warrington, outdoor smoking area, complete with heaters, solid cover, extensive heating, access to the BBQ in summer, and closer to the toliets than those inside. A very proper solution for the largely smoking clientele of the pub.


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