Not the only one

Last week a very bad thing happened to me. Actually I was in the market for some shopping. Meanwhile I got the prayer time. Also I was in hurry to go back to my office. But I was caught by the Religious Scholars while I was taking out my vehicle from the parking. They stopped me by force and asked me to present the work permit (Iqama) I apologized that I m in a great hurry that is why I cannot go to Mosque. But they denied my all requests. And they took me to their center for preach and punishment. They slapped on my face and kicked on my back. And put me forcibly in the toilet for punishment for hours. After a long time they released me and I reached to my car by a taxi.

I want to leave this religion, but I am SO afraid on my life. My father is threatening me, he want to keep me locked in the house and to force me to leave my job because he want me to be fully dependent on him. He is a very violent man. I read your story and it was very inspiring for me.

The above are taken from anonymous letters, sent to the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain, from people living in Islamic states.

The National Secular Society has more. Read the whole thing.

Anyone from rich, liberal, multicultural Britain want to argue that sharia law consists of harmless civil procedures? Or that Muslims are better off under Islamic regimes? Or that we should turn away such individuals when they seek asylum here?



10 Responses to “Not the only one”

  1. saeed Says:

    you’re obsession with Ilsam is quite worrying…if you are so inetrested in muslim women why don’t you meet up with some somali womens gruops in Manchester…i could put you in contact with them…

  2. maxdunbar Says:

    So my interest in religion worries you. But the oppression of Muslims doesn’t worry you. Is that right?

  3. saeed Says:

    No its not right…the fact that you try to defame me instantly doesn’t reflect you well on you, Max…

  4. maxdunbar Says:

    No. I put up a post highlighting the oppression of Muslims in Muslim countries. You accuse me of having an obsession with Islam. No comment on the content of the post. Or do you think these people are lying?

  5. saeed Says:

    Or do you think these people are lying?

    No I don’t think they are lying…I think that people like you are very opportunistic…

    Having worked in the Somali community for over ten years, often with somalian womens gruops…they feel very upset that white people like you will praise women like ayaan hersi ali and abuse Islam…but will never go to them in their communites to question them on their lives ans the issues that confront them…thats not my opinion its theirs…

  6. saeed Says:

    …one question Max, as you sem to like blogging about muslims, do you know any muslims? Have you made any attempt to actually get to know liberal, progressive muslim community groups…

  7. maxdunbar Says:

    How am I being opportunistic, exactly? What am I getting out of this?

    I’ve got a longterm interest in religion, not just Islam – as you’ll know if you’ve been reading the blog for a while.

    I think that it’s important to show solidarity with people suffering under theocratic dictatorship. I admire Hirsi Ali for her writing and campaigning. I don’t think she represents all the world’s Muslims but then no Muslim could.

    I don’t think that the colour of my skin should inhibit my criticism of Islam.

    As for the Somali womens’ groups… I have a public email address. Here it is:

    If you know Somalis who are upset by what I have written here, then please feel free to pass on that email address so that they can get in touch and discuss it direct.

    I don’t think the Somali community needs you to speak for them.

  8. maxdunbar Says:

    How many Muslims would I have to know before I am allowed to write about Islamic issues?

  9. saeed Says:

    How many Muslims would I have to know before I am allowed to write about Islamic issues?

    none…but the main issue for muslims in britiain are what you could call social issues…lack of educational attainment, unemployment, poor housing…if a supposedly leftist person like yourself never writes about these themes and instead concentrates on critiquing islam then you’re not much of a leftist…

  10. maxdunbar Says:

    I agree. I think the left in general puts too much emphasis on issues like Islamophobia and not enough on the issues you identify such as housing, employment, education.

    This post however is about Muslims in the theocratic world who have to cope with serious human rights violations.

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