Well coincimental

It’s unlikely, I know. In fact it’s probable that we both had the same idea for a pun based on the famous medical textbook and TV show. Success has many fathers, etc. But it’s a possibility: has John Gray been reading my blog?

An objection from Christopher Hitchens has forced Penguin to pulp a forthcoming book by philosopher John Gray.

Hitchens was concerned about a line in the introduction to Gray’s new essay collection that suggested that after he briefly experienced the torture technique of waterboarding, in which water is poured repeatedly over a prisoner’s face, he defended the practice as part of the global struggle against Islamic fundamentalism. After learning of his objections, Penguin admitted that the line was a mistake and that Hitchens has been consistently opposed to torture.

‘John made a mistake, Christopher picked it up, we fixed it and John is embarrassed he made a wrong assumption and I am embarrassed not to have picked it up,’ said the book’s editor Simon Winder.

The book, Gray’s Anatomy, is now being reprinted minus the offending line, ready for publication by Penguin imprint Allen Lane on 2 April.

Great minds think alike. Well, minds think alike.


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