Is it a bird? A plane?

The admired literary critic Stephen Mitchelmore once asked:

What could be more appealing to our literary hopes and wishes than President Chavez’s friendly advice to the young of the USA: set aside Superman and Batman to read authors like Noam Chomsky?

Well, it looks like he may be about to see a wish come true as an American activist has made a Chomsky colouring book.

With 1960s radicals becoming grandparents, Roger Leisner sees a market in the gray ponytail set for his only slightly tongue-in-cheek Noam Chomsky coloring book, which he sells for $5 each.

‘It’ll be interesting to see who I get orders from,’ said Leisner, whose activism took root in 1965 when he received a draft notice while in college in Illinois.

Now that his Radio Free Maine is blossoming into a retirement nest egg, Leisner is expanding with his coloring book business.

The 18 pages show outlines of photos featuring Chomsky, the world renowned linguist, author and political philosopher, along with other outspoken scholars and activists.

Next on the list will be a coloring book featuring [Howard] Zinn, a decorated World War II veteran whose views turned radical as he observed the civil rights struggle and Vietnam War while a college professor.

Later, Leisner said he may do a Noam Chomsky comic book, featuring quotes from various talks over the years.

‘No, I will not put him in a cape or any other get-up,’ said Leisner. ‘A blue workshirt and Levis is good enough for me.’

Actually the comic book idea has already been done by Jeffrey Weston, whose ‘The Adventures of Noam Chomsky’ (and his faithful sidekick, Predicate the dog) is a masterpiece.

When this was discussed at Harry’s Place Gene suggested that it would be good to see a comic book featuring a drunken, hapless Christopher Hitchens. I think that’s a fantastic idea and there is a real gap in the market for comics featuring intellectual celebrities.

An X-men style superhero team of Muscular Liberals™? Captain Lenin and the Tomb Raiders? The Exciting Exploits of Nick Cohen? Ideas for stories and theme songs would be more than welcome.



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