Better than Authonomy?

You may remember I pulled my novel from Authonomy due to widespread concerns that it was turning into a digital POD farm. I figured that, even if I was wrong, there would be other sites springing up that were similar to Authonomy but without the problems – after all Authonomy was a good and innovative concept to begin with.

Now via Book2Book I have come across this Red Room site. It appears to be a social networking site for writers. It’s a free service, anyone can join, and if you’re an actual published author with ISBNs and everything you get a free upgrade to an ‘Author Page’. You can upload work to your profile and I have added short stories, some criticism and a novella. Any feedback more than welcome.

It looks really professional and impressive. On the minus side the formatting is a bit tricky, I don’t really know everything about how the site works, or how much time I’m going to have for it. But if you’re a writer or a poet it seems worth checking out.


One Response to “Better than Authonomy?”

  1. Courtney Vail Says:

    I’m on Authonomy but never uploaded my book. That’s not the route I want to take to become published and I don’t have time to build up a rep there. Thanks for the tip about Red Room. It looks nice. I’ll have to join that too. I’m on Authros Den. It looks kind of similar.

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