Islington Mill – Call for Poets

I am organising this with the artists from Salford’s Islington Mill.

We are looking for poets to perform at the Journeys Project at the Islington Mill on Thursday April 2. The poetry will start from 8 and we hope to have arranged slots plus an open mic section.

How the night will go

6:00pm Opening

7:30pm Screening – Broken Britain by Mark Ashmore (12mins, followed by Q + A/discussion)

8:00pm Poetry followed by drinks, feedback, cigarettes

Islington Mill
James Street
Salford M3 5HW

If you’re a poet interested in performing then contact Max at

Islington Mill - James St

The glorious Islington Mill


3 Responses to “Islington Mill – Call for Poets”

  1. Annie Says:

    would love to, but am reading elsewhere that night… damn. Islington Mill is just so beautiful

  2. john problem Says:

    12 minutes is not long enough to discuss broken Britain – and it should be immediately followed by drinks. If Tennyson were invited I’m sure he would – during those twelve minutes – read aloud that helter-skelter charge led by a self-obsessed loon straight towards the guns.

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