Cliche attack

Terry Sanderson has a good editorial in the National Secular Society Newsline today. It follows the NSS’s input into an employment law controversy that is too tedious to recount on this blog. (I wouldn’t care if a nurse wanted to pray for me, by the way.)

[T]he emails from Christians and self-defined ‘atheists’ started to roll in. One after another they came, each one more abusive and silly than the last. The office phone began to ring and angry ‘people of faith’ who had got entirely the wrong end of the stick were shouting at the staff.

But after a while it was clear that these emails weren’t spontaneous expressions of hurt and outrage. They all had a strangely similar feel to them. Each claimed that we – ‘the militant secularists’ were persecuting Christians and trying to kill their religion. The ones from people claiming to be atheists said roughly the same as the ones from the Christians. It was like receiving correspondence from the Borg.



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