Monarchs’ Corner

Robert McCrum hits the nub of the Poet Laureate debate:

Call me old fashioned, but I don’t think writers should accept the state’s baubles, ie knighthoods, medals and so forth. A writer should be free to follow the impulses of his or her heart, imagination and sensibility, unencumbered, and should owe nothing to anyone, least of all the Crown.

In this context, abolishing the poet laureate looks like a piecemeal reform. Much better to scrap the whole system, the house of lords, the honours system, and the monarchy. Modernise Britain, in other words. Why not? Ezra Pound always said ‘Make it new’.

One more thing I’d add: we should follow Christopher Hitchens’s suggestion and turn Poets’ Corner into ‘Monarchs’ Corner,’ with the rest of Westminster Abbey dedicated to writers, artists and radicals.


One Response to “Monarchs’ Corner”

  1. London Photographs Says:

    Yeah your right! i like on how the way you explain your thoughts =)

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