Tinfoil Vision

It appears that Sky has done a substantial public service by hosting a new channel called Edge Media TV. This is number 200 in the listings and promotes itself as ‘a platform for alternative and suppressed viewpoints’. Like so many outlets parading themselves as guardians of the hidden truth, Edge Media is run by pompous fantasists that the MI5 wouldn’t waste ten seconds on. Still at least it keeps these people off the streets.

Charlie Brooker has enjoyed an exclusive preview:

And herein lies the tragedy. The other day I tuned in to Eerie Investigations, in which the host, a strangely simpering woman with Eerie Investigations printed on her T-shirt, conducted vox-pop interviews with people at an anti-ID card rally. There are a thousand valid reasons for opposing ID cards and questioning everything the government does, but instead both the host and her interviewees spent most of their time talking about how we’re all going to have microchips planted in our heads as part of the New World Order (which, naturally, orchestrated the 9/11 attacks), intermittently breaking from this theme to dismiss the general public as idiotic, docile sheep with such towering self-assurance it made you actively wonder whether labouring under a fascist police state in which government computers monitored your dreams and doled out electric shocks each time you had a subversive thought would be preferable to living in freedom alongside these massive wankers.

In-between the programmes, there are adverts for Cillit Bang (whose exact role in the New World Order has yet to be established) and a seven-hour – yes, SEVEN HOUR – ‘DVD presentation’ from David Icke, in which he tells the viewer how the world really works. And presumably apologises for not employing an editor.

I eagerly await the response from ‘9/11 agnostic’ Dan Hind.



4 Responses to “Tinfoil Vision”

  1. Richard Wilson Says:

    Interesting! I was actually interviewed on “Esoteria” a few weeks ago with Phil Booth, the chap from NO2ID, and I have to say I thought they were a great bunch. I’ve not actually seen the end product but I really got the feeling that they didn’t take it too seriously, and were mostly just having a laugh. It was like being on Wayne’s World. They had me on as a kind of “conspiracy debunker”, and Phil Booth did pretty much the same (the whole ‘computer chip’ conspiracy theory being an annoying distraction from the more serious issues). After us they had this one conspiracy theorist guy whose name I forget, but who suddenly went nuts and started smashing up the studio, and then stormed out. Big Brother has nothing on these guys…

  2. maxdunbar Says:

    That sounds fantastic. Can you see the footage online?

  3. Richard Wilson Says:

    Not sure – they said they’d email me the programme details but I suspect it’s probably gone out already. I very much hope that the footage of the guy going nuts made it into the final cut though – I would feel that they were betraying their no-holds-barred mandate if they left it out…

    I don’t think I gave a particularly good interview, unfortunately, which is the main reason I’ve not tried harder to see it. In situations like that you feel like you’re almost disappointing people if you don’t sit there shouting “Yes, it’s all true – the aliens really did bring down Tower 7 with laser beams” and then maybe accuse the presenter of being a CIA stooge. As it was I just rather lamely had to explain why, for some fairly dull technical reasons, I thought that 911 probably did happen the way They tell us it did, and that governments are generally too stupid and inept to cover things up very effectively for very long…

  4. maxdunbar Says:

    Yeah, that’s my view. Don’t worry about how you came across, I’d be an inarticulate mess on any TV interview.

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