Off with their heads!

You might have noticed at the weekend that a moronic aristocrat has been filming himself dispensing racial abuse to his comrades. So far comment on the Prince Harry race row has run along the following lines:

1) The Prince is serving in Afghanistan and therefore civilised norms and values don’t apply;

2) They are only a bunch of stupid squaddies so what do you expect;

3) Calling someone a ‘paki’ is just light-hearted piss taking, like when people are called ‘jocks’, ‘scousers’, and ‘yonners’ (even though it isn’t);

4) His Royal Highness is too young to realise the offence such words can cause (despite being well into his twenties);

5) It is all a minor flap in liberal media land/‘political correctness gone mad’

And then Inspector Gadget, who we met back in September, tells it like it is.

I just wanted to clarify something which seems to be causing some confusion.

As a former British Army soldier I can categorically tell you that the term ‘Paki’ would have been completely unacceptable, even as a nick-name, from anyone, let alone an Officer. And that was before Political Correctness was invented.

In my Regiment people were called Lofty, Ginger, Jock and Taffy. The term Paki would have been ‘across the line’ and we knew it. That expression was fighting talk and no less.

At the moment, certain elements are trying to tell you that it’s OK to use terms like that in the Army. It is not OK, and never has been. They are trying to say it doesn’t mean the same as it does outside the Army. That is nonsense, we knew then what they know now; it’s a derogatory term and it is meant as one.

Anyway. Isn’t it time we got rid of the monarchy?


(Image copyright Perez Hilton)


One Response to “Off with their heads!”

  1. Annie Says:

    yep, there are no excuses.

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