‘A drop of water in the comprehensive ocean of my business!’

Now this could draw blood from a heart of stone.

Now though I was not present at your Christmases I am quite sure they were quite different from mine, an abundance of good food served by family members, lots of presents and you had no fear of being put into detention and deported! No fear of Female Genital Mutilation, no fear of being married off before your 12th birthday or stoned to death because you were raped, no fear of the horrendous discrimination that females suffer from birth to death in third world countries, no fear of internal/external displacement or if you had been a boy, forced to become a child soldier. How I wish that I was making all these stories up to scare you, but I am not, this is the reality that a lot of the children you order to be removed from the UK will face.

If you have time can you let me know what happened to the children (especially the children, who face all the horrors mentioned in the previous paragraph) and families that you deported to Nigeria on a UK/Ireland joint charter flight on Thursday the 11th December. Will any of these families have to relocate to the Niger Delta, where 15 years of oil exploitation by Shell Petroleum Development Company have caused tremendous environmental pollution and made the land virtually uninhabitable.

For the children in detention this Christmas (and I sincerely hope there will be none) Christmas won’t be a loving family gathering, yes there will be a Christmas dinner and there will be presents but those serving the dinner and handing out the presents, will not be the children’s parents/grand parents/aunts & uncles, they will be prison guards with keys, keys that follow the children to unlock doors and lock doors. 

For the Children of NASS there will be no Christmas this Christmas because of government policies that enforces these children to suffer state imposed poverty and deprivation. But no doubt the mothers/parents of these children will sacrifice and do all they can to make it a memorable Christmas for the little ones, you don’t want.

From an open letter to Jacqui Smith from Zimbabwean writer Nellie de Jongh.

I’m hoping Phil Woolas receives a visit from three spirits this Christmas Eve.

There’s also economist Phillipe Legrain – whose book Immigrants, Your Country Needs Them, is an essential and unapologetic defence of migration – explaining why all the bullshit about foreigners taking our jobs is just that.


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