Superior Scribbler Award

Right, this is one of those blog tag things and basically an excuse to spread some linky love around.


Lauri has given me the Superior Scribbler Award and I get to give it to five other bloggers. The rules are:

1) Post the award on your blog.
2) Link me for giving it to you.
3) Link the originating post here.
4) Pass the award on to five more deserving people.
5) Post these rules for your recipients.

Like Lauri, I’ve tried to award based on diversity of subject and quality of writing.

1) Nightjack – written by a serving UK detective, this is probably the best police blog out there. Where’s his Monday Books deal?

2) My Shitty Twenties – Fantastic Manchester-based personal blog about life as a single parent in your twenties. My nomination for next year’s Manchester blog awards.

3) I Kid Ye Not –  Edmund Standing was always one of the best Butterflies and Wheels contributors and now he’s started his own blog. Fundamentalists and fascists of all kinds are torn apart in his witty, well-researched commentary.

4) Generation Y – fascinating Havana blog dealing with life as an independent writer in Castro’s Cuba. Anyone still supporting this moronic and corrupt regime should hang their heads in shame.

5) David Thompson – We’re on different sides of the barricades politically, but I find Thompson essential for his elegant, excoriating style and his archives on postmodernist lunacy.


3 Responses to “Superior Scribbler Award”

  1. myshittytwenties Says:

    Thanks for this Max. I am bit like a geriatric technophobe when it comes to linking though so I am not sure how to go about putting it on my page? I tried to embed a link to Habitat today (see my most recent post) but it didn’t work. I am clueless.

  2. nightjack Says:

    Cheers Max.
    I will get onto this soon. Any tips on getting over Bloggers block?

  3. maxdunbar Says:


    I’m not surprised you have blogger’s block if you are working 80 hours a week!

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