Transmission’s Christmas hamper

No, it’s not some Victorian Fairpak-style scheme to exploit people on council estates but a plug for excellent Manchester magazine Transmission.

Transmission gives the chance to win a Christmas parcel full of books.

To celebrate the festive period, Transmission is giving readers the chance to win a Christmas parcel brimming with books. Anyone placing an order now at our online shop will automatically be entered into our special prize draw, with one lucky winner grabbing a literary bundle par excellence!

Transmission will also make the perfect stocking-filler for literature lovers everywhere, so now is the time to take advantage of our limited Lucky Dip offer – three issues of Transmission for the excellent price of £10 (inc. P&P).

Orders can be placed at

For a entry in the Christmas competition, orders must be placed by 14th December 2008.
Terms and conditions apply.

The magazine publishes fiction plus author interviews and I recommend it – as City Life said, Transmission is a lit magazine that will do you a favour rather than the other way round. And a free pile of books sounds good in these harsh economic times. So thanks Graham!


One Response to “Transmission’s Christmas hamper”

  1. neil campbell Says:

    Sounds like a great offer from a quality magazine. That quote fucking winds me up though, as it did when i first read it. What fucking favour might this be? Literary magazines are a labour of love that exist without profit, (after the bookshop’s 35% cut, the ‘favour’ still amounts to less than the cost of producing the magazine). They provide an outlet for new writers.
    Though we might as well just have one big fucking blog and have done with it, or perhaps a monumental print version of a magazine that combines everyones facebook, my space, and blog, and the launch night can be a webcast of a collosal joint masturbatory ejaculation

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