So it’s come to this

It had to happen… a Guardian book blog about writers and their cats.

Personally my cats do nothing for my muse. They come in my room when I’m writing, scream for food and attention, tear up the rug, jump on my keyboard.

Having said that, I did write a Hallowe’en story about cats and there are cats in the book I’m writing now – one even gets to narrate for a few pages.

Cats are misunderstood, but not in the way people think. We think cats are wise. They aren’t. They’re the animal equivalent of the dreamy, mysterious heartthrob gazing out onto the river, thinking about scratching his balls. Cats look deep and soulful but their intelligence extends to stealing the chicken from your sandwich when your back’s turned.

Cats are misunderstood because we think they are selfish creatures who only hang around with humans to get food. That’s true to some extent but they can also be fiercely loyal. Keep a cat for a while and it will latch on to you, it will respond to its name, come when you call it. It will become affectionate to the point of clingy. And it will appear to have a distinct personality.

But it’s true what they say about cats being independent. They do have an individuality most animals don’t. I like the fact that they go off on their own a lot, that they are low maintenance – you don’t have to walk them – and, unlike dogs, they are completely useless. You can’t have a police cat and there are no cats in TV sitcoms. They can also be quite combative and they like to fight people and each other – in fact I think it’d be fun to make a late-night cable betting show called ‘Cat Boxing’.

Cat owners talk about cats constantly and spoil them rotten. Every blog should have a picture of the author’s cat, and this is one of mine.


Tiger updates his blog


2 Responses to “So it’s come to this”

  1. Sarah Franco Says:

    my cat is a true tyrant- here he is:
    the other cat has his mind full of conspiracy theories about how dangerous the internet is and he strictly forbade me to post his photo.

  2. modernityblog Says:

    why not write a day in the life of a smart cat, max?

    do it from the cat’s perspective as he/she would see YOU work? plenty of material in the mind of a cat ?

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