Cries unheard

In the wake of the horrific murder of ‘Baby P’, publisher Dan Collins (whose firm produces excellent public sector books by anonymous insiders) shares a disturbing anecdote:

We’ve done the police, we’ve done teaching, we’ve done paramedics and we’re soon telling the truly shocking inside story of what it’s like to work in the ‘supported housing environment’ (more on this later).

We had a social worker lined up, too. She was going to blow the gaff on the utterly scandalous happenings inside a major city council’s social services department, but unfortunately they got to her. She made the mistake of telling a ‘colleague’ about the book she was planning to write, and the information found its way to the Director of Human Resources.

Shut up, they told her, or tell your story walking.

She chose to shut up, and you can’t really blame her.

However, we haven’t given up and after the terrible story of Baby P we’re keener than ever. If you are a social worker, and you’re mad as hell, and you aren’t going to take it any more, please get in touch. Discretion guaranteed.


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