‘Brand of the bland’

I’ve been tickled by Alan McGee’s demolition of the Q Awards: a great insight into the complacency and smugness of contemporary music journalism. Coldplay are apparently ‘The Best Act in the ENTIRE WHOLE WIDE WORLD’ and Best Track award went to Keane – McGee theorises that Keane’s lead singer, who’s been in rehab for port addiction, is the Q equivalent of Pete Doherty.

Every line of McGee’s attack is laugh-out-loud funny but I’ll just quote the final paragraph:

If depression, blandness, and boredom would ever manifest itself in physical form, it would be the Q Awards. Someone actually said ‘there are no losers tonight, only people full of win!’. No, there is one big loser: music. The Q Awards are the meaningless musical equivalent of Homer Simpson ‘winning’ the First Annual Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence.


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