Max Dunbar is one!

I have just realised that this blog is over one year old.

This is my first post.

What can I say? I still don’t take blogging seriously, and I still enjoy it immensely. This was really just a place for me to scribble down my thoughts. I love to rant, and I love to argue. I didn’t expect anyone to actually read the blog, considering the number of web journals out there, and I am still astonished that people do. But apparently there is a market for my brand of aggressive secularism, semi-coherent ranting and relentless plugging of my magazine and fiction.

The greatest surprise and delight for me has been positive feedback from journalists, bloggers and authors I admire. I also enjoy it when I attack someone in a post – and then that very same person leaps into the comments box for an argument.

It’s been a good year in many ways – I was nominated for a blog award, Succour was nominated for an award, the magazine continues to do well (and is apparently self financing) I have had a lot of short fiction and criticism published, and I’m having a great time writing my novel. I still don’t have an agent or a book deal but I think this is a realistic aspiration – and what the hell: as Stephen King says, you do it for the buzz.

On the debit side of the ledger (and this is starting to sound like one of Simon Hoggart’s round robins) my personal life is worse than it’s ever been. I came down with agoraphobia in April and since then the Condition has not improved. It’s like being in the centre of a tornado – for six months. I have some behavioural therapy happening in the next few weeks so hopefully things will improve. I am determined to beat the Condition. In my dreams, I’ve been going out in Manchester, London and America – hopefully that’s a good omen.

Anyway, to anyone who’s read or commented here, friend or foe: thank you.


3 Responses to “Max Dunbar is one!”

  1. KB Player Says:

    Happy Blogday! Sorry about your agoraphobia – it must be a difficult illness for some people to take seriously, like depression.

  2. maxdunbar Says:

    Well, I try not to take it seriously either

  3. Turner Says:

    As a younger person I was diagnosed with “generalized anxiety disorder”, and given a trial anti-depressant. I decided I didn’t like the idea of prescription drugs, and didn’t take them. Some time later, after the medication I was prescribed was recalled due to its lack of safety, I realized I simply was embarrassed by my mother in some social situations, and generally disliked people, in what I consider to be a fun, eccentric way. Now that you know my story, you can begin to move on. (Seriously though, I know what it’s like for the prospect of people to be a scary one.)

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