Succour Fantasies

Yes, Succour magazine is open to submissions again:

The theme for issue 9 of Succour will be Fantasies. The deadline for submissions is Friday 20 February 2009, and the issue will be out on 1 May 2009.

There are two main areas we’re interested in exploring with this theme. The first is the importance of the fantasy or the reverie to the creative process, and the ways in which such fantasies can be expressed in literature and art. The second is the distinction between what is called ‘fantasy’ and what is called ‘literary’ writing, and how this distinction can be played with or proved illusory (as in, for example, the work of Borges, Casares, Ballard, Poe and many others). Long time Succour-watchers will recognise that this is a long-running interest of the journal, having been raised in issue 3, Radio Eye, and issue 6, The Future.

But, as ever, the theme is open to limitless interpretation and we’re looking forward to seeing how you might respond.

Send to the general address at or to me at


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