Work rhythms on this blog may change over the next weeks. Two reasons for this:

1) I have started a novel of fiction and the first draft will take up some time.

2) I’ve been asked to contribute to Shiraz Socialist, a blog I admire and enjoy. So there’s maybe an argument for putting a lot of the political/secularist stuff on Shiraz, and leaving this blog as purely a ‘Brit Lit Blog’.

Whatever happens – posting here is bound to slow down.

Update: I have just introduced myself at Shiraz.


5 Responses to “Frequencies”

  1. Sarah Franco Says:

    once i put a post like that on my own blog, saying that I would not write there during august so that I would have time to finish something else… I kept the promise for eleven days.

    psychiatrists say i am addicted to blogging, they want to take my case to the world congress of addictive behaviour, due to be organized in the maldives.
    a tribute to radovan karadzic will also be organized during the congress.
    the world association of alternative therapists will join the tribute.

    good luck with your novel đŸ˜‰

    ( I am a frustrated writer, I envy writers and singers because my voice is awful and I don’t have any imagination, that’s why I became a researcher, it’s my shield, it allows me to write and it gives me an excuse for my lack of talent) (this commennt was not supposed to be about me) (in the upcoming congress psychiatrist will have a round table dedicated to the analisis of my obsessive egocentrism, using as raw material a semiotic study of my comments in blogs) (the round table will be held at the hotel balcony over the sea. dress-code: bermudas. ladies can wear bikinis. sun protection mandatory).

    anyway, I will be travelling for the next 3 weeks, so you are allowed to slow down on the blog (readers are tyrants, really)

    (no, I am not going to the congress)

  2. Sarah Franco Says:

    why is it that my stray-pregnant-dog-from-belgrade-streets avatar is missing???

  3. charliethechulo Says:

    Sorry yo hear you’re cutting back here, but great to hear you’re joining us at ‘Shiraz’. Welcome aboard!

  4. maxdunbar Says:

    Sarah – I think there’s an entire conference waiting to be hosted on the addictive properties of blogging.

    Charlie – I will be writing for Shiraz as soon as my login is sorted. VP is trying to get me logged on with no success. Any ideas?

  5. Voltaire's Priest Says:

    I’m working on it Max, I promise! Your first post is about to go up by the way.

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