Door’s there, mate (continued)

Over at CiF, David Hencke drops a familiar name.

This week, the TUC took a rare decision to campaign to sack someone.

The conference, which normally fights to the last man and woman for anybody in a job, took the view that Joel Edwards, commissioner to the Equality and Human Rights Commission, should be shown the door immediately.

Edwards is the commissioner, but he is also general director of the Evangelical Alliance (EA), a fundamentalist Christian group.

Under his direction, the EA describes gay relationships as sinful and ‘a behaviour choice’ and that ‘homosexual practice is morally wrong’. His appointment by Ruth Kelly, when she was equalities minister, attracted harsh publicity at the time. But after six months in office, the anger has increased. It boiled over last night at the TUC’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) fringe meeting, where a commission official was given the unenviable task of trying to defend Edwards to a polite but hostile audience. He failed.

I wrote about this at the time of Edwards’s appointment, ten months ago. I got my information from the super soaraway National Secular Society mailout.

It’s worth noting that in addition to his battery of prejudices, Edwards even denigrates the very concept of human rights, saying that:

Forgiveness, respect, hope and trust are rooted in the Christian faith and they are the antidote to a culture that is being railroaded into an individualistic, rights-orientated mentality.

As Hencke says:

What on earth was Trevor Phillips doing, agreeing to allow the government to appoint someone who thinks being gay is some form of undesirable behaviour choice? What will he sanction next? How about appointing a commissioner for race relations from the South African Dutch Reformed Church who might believe that blacks are inferior to whites and can cite the Bible on this?

Appointing a human rights commissioner who holds human rights in contempt makes a mockery of the EHRC. I think that after ten months, Edwards has had enough of your money. Kick him out.


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